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[Record group 62-1]
Agency Function
The Director of Finance acts as the chief financial, accounting, and budget officer of the City; controls the Procurement and Collections (now Revenue) departments, and the Office of the City Treasurer directly or through a first deputy; is chairman of the Municipal Board of Pensions and Retirement, and a member of the Administrative Board, the Sinking Fund Commission, the Mayor's Cabinet, and the City Planning Commission.

Agency History
The post of the Director of Finance was created under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter of 1951 to oversee the financial operations of the City. The Finance Director is appointed by the Mayor from among candidates selected by the Finance Panel and is a member of the Mayor's cabinet, the Administrative Board, City Planning Commission, the Board of Pensions and Retirement, and the Sinking Fund Commission. With the Mayor's approval the Director appoints the Revenue Commissioner (i.e., the Commissioner of the Department of Collections), the Commissioner of the Procurement Department, and the City Treasurer.

Archival Records
62-1.1 Files (1955-1964)

62-1.2 Deputy Director of Finance. Files (1984-1990)

Current Records

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