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This office was created by an Act of March 30, 1791 which provided that the Court of Common Pleas appoint annually three citizens to audit the accounts of the County Commissioners and the County Treasurer. (This function had by an Act of 1732 been assigned to the justices of the Court of Quarter Sessions and the Grand Jury but, as is mentioned in the Act of 1791, without much effect.) In 1809 the office was made elective. The Auditors' jurisdiction was eventually extended over the accounts of the Guardians of the Poor, the Inspectors of the County Prison, the Board of Health, and the Controllers of the Public Schools. The office was abolished by the (City-County) Consolidation Act of 1854 and its functions assumed by the then created office of the City Controller.

Archival Records
3.1 Minute Book (1810-1854)

3.2 Journal (Bill Book) (1841-1854)

3.3 Auditors' Report on the Accounts of the Blockley Almshouse (20 May 1844)

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