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Agency History
This office was created under the Frame of Government which directed that the Provincial governor appoint a treasurer for each county annually, a function transferred by an Act of November 27, 1700 to the assessors of each county. An Act of 1718 directed that the County Commissioners share in this appointive power; in 1780, with the abolition of the county assessors the Commissioners alone appointed the treasurer. During the period 1776-1789, while the Corporation was in suspension, the County Treasurer also served as the City Treasurer. In 1786 his term was increased to three years; it was returned to one year, still at the Commissioners' appointment, in 1799. At the consolidation of the City and County in 1854 the office of County Treasurer was in effect abolished in Philadelphia, its powers and duties being distributed between the City Treasurer and the newly-created Receiver of Taxes. Under the terms of the Constitution of 1874 the City Treasurer was designated a County officer, although he retained the title of City Treasurer.

Archival Records
2.1 Accounts (1777-1803, 1848-1854)

2.2 Weekly Reports of Tax Receipts and Orders Paid (1853-1854)

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