Site Selection Reports

[Record Series: 232-3-1.4]

  • Folder Numbers
  • 1: "Report of the Sesqui-Centennial Committee of the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia on Sites/To the Executive Committee of the Sesqui-Centennial Exhibition Association." Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 25, 1922 [typescript, 114 pages]
  • 2: Proposition favoring Peace Park (Hog Island) as Site for Sesquicentennial. [Typed mimeograph, 7 pages. Author unidentified. c. 1920-24?]
(Legal sized folders)

  • 3 Site Selection Reports- EngineersÕ Club of Philadelphia Report- Printed Booklet- Copy 1- January 25, 1922
  • 4 Site Selection Reports- EngineersÕ Club of Philadelphia Report-Printed Booklet- Copy 2- January 25, 1922
  • 5 Site Selection Reports- Tacony ManufacturersÕ Association Upper Roosevelt Boulevard Site with photos- December 1921
  • 6 Site Selection Reports- Northeast Sesquicentennial Association February 1922
Map Case

  • 1: [Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce?] Plan showing location of City Farms in 14th Survey District, Northeast Philadelphia, with annotations in pencil showing location of "fairgrounds" [c. 1921-1922?] and accompanying key typed on Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce letterhead.
  • 2: "Adopted Plan of Sesqui-Centennial" on Parkway [c. 1922-1923?]. With typed legend.

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