Publications & Reports

[Record Series: 161.1]

Prepared by the Authority or for the Authority by various consulting agencies. Includes:

  • Philadelphia Housing Quality Survey. East Poplar Area. October 1949;
  • General Report. Philadelphia Housing Quality Survey. 1951;
  • "Operation Fix-Up" by John A. McDermott, 1952;
  • Eastwick Redevelopment Area, Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Recommendations to Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. Prepared by: Eastwick Planners. Henry S. Churchill, Chief Planner; Daniel J. Stanton, Resident Planner; Carroll, Grisdale & Van Alen - Montgomery & Bishop - Oscar Stonorov, Consultants. October 1953 (oversize);
  • Eastwick New House Study. Wright, Andrade & Amenta, Architects, Kenneth Day, Robert Geddes & Ian McHarg, Associates, Richard A. Yarnall, Project Architect. August 1957 (oversize);
  • Appraisal. Northeast Airport Tract. Southeasterly Side Roosevelt Boulevard and Northeasterly Side Grant Avenue. Philadelphia, Pa. By Jackson-Cross Company. 12 December 1957;
  • The Demand for Housing in the Washington Square East-Society Hill Redevelopment Area. A Study of the Housing Market in Central Philadelphia 1958-1970 by Chester Rapkin and William G. Grigsby. Institute for Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania. February 1958;
  • Preliminary General Neighborhood Renewal Plan for the Area of South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. by Jack M. Kendree, Planning Consultant. (July 1958) (oversize);
  • Standards for Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings. Washington Square East, Urban Renewal Area, Unit II. October 1959;
  • Efficient Operation and Economical Expansion of Undergraduate Teaching Facilities of Urban Universities. Frederic C. Wood, Consulting Engineer. 1 May 1960;
  • Morton. An Urban Renewal Conservation Project. ca. 1960;
  • Block Organization. Key to a Better Neighborhood. Neighborhood Information Booklet No. 1.. n.d.; Backyards, Alleys, Fences. Neighborhood Information Booklet No. 2 ca.1960;
  • New Residential Construction in Older Neighborhoods of Philadelphia from 1951 to 1960. Prepared by Albert M. Greenfield & Co., Inc. November 1961;
  • Conservation Program of the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. January 1962;
  • Industrial Redevelopment in the American Street Study Area "A". Ebasco Services, Incorporated, Consultants. December 1962;
  • Temple University. 1970 Development Plan for Broad and Montgomery Campus. January 1963;
  • University of Pennsylvania Development Plan. 1963;
  • How Urban Renewal Works in Philadelphia. A Step-by-step Description of the City's Urban Renewal Procedure. Public Information Office, Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. 1 August 1963;
  • Trends in Research and Development. Demand for Facilities in the University City Unit III Urban Renewal Area. By Group for Planning & Research, Inc.;
  • Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham; and Joseph Oberman. December 1963;
  • Preliminary Draft. The Market for Housing in University City. Urban Renewal Area Unit III. Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham, & Joseph Oberman. ca.1964;
  • East Poplar Urban Renewal Area Relocation Report Sept. 1960 - Dec.1962. Prepared by Robert Marshall and Diana Crawford. Friends Neighborhood Guild, 1964;
  • Washington Square West Unit II, Urban Renewal Area. Technical Report. Prepared by: Walker & Murray Associates, Inc. May 1964;
  • Washington Square West Unit II, Urban Renewal Area. Technical Report. Supplement A, Economic Studies. Prepared by: Walker & Murray Associates, Inc. May 1964;
  • Washington Square West Unit II, Urban Renewal Area. Technical Report. Supplement B, Rehabilitation Sample Study. Prepared by: Walker & Murray Associates, Inc. May 1964;
  • Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1970 Development Plan. March 1963, Revised July 1964;
  • Market Analysis for Development and Rehabilitation. Strawberry Mansion Urban Renewal Area Unit 1. Drayton S. Bryant. January 1965;
  • Marketability Analysis. Nicetown Urban Renewal Area. Prepared by The Albert M. Greenfield Co. for Hassenger & Schwam. May 1965;
  • Technical Report. Franklin Urban Renewal Area. Ebasco Services Incorporated. June 1965; Nicetown Urban Renewal Area. Prepared by Hassinger & Schwam June 1965;
  • Ontario Urban Renewal Area Unit No. 1. Temple University Health Sciences Center. Final Project Report -Part 1 - Application for Loan and Grant. October 1965;
  • Draft: Scope of Services [of consultants]. 19 October 1966;
  • Estimate of Relocation Housing Needs and Resources. City of Philadelphia. 1968-1973. July 1968;
  • Market Street East. Prepared by Mauchly Associates, Inc., A Subsidiary of Scientific Resources Corporation, June 1969;
  • Anticipated Impact of the Market Street East Transportation Mall on City of Philadelphia Tax Revenues. Economic Research Associates. July 1970;
  • The Gallery at Market East. Bower & Fradley / Cope Linder Walmsley, Architects. 1978

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