Reports Received by Committee of 15

[Record Series: 150.3]

  • Reports issued by the Bureau of Municipal Research, the Pennsylvania Economy League, Committee of 70, and others. Some reports in reaction to reports prepared by above organizations.
  • The reports issued by the Bureau of Municipal Research include analyses of the Department of City Architecture, City Planning Commission, Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of City Transit, Personnel Practices, Fees of Licenses and Permits, Department of Public Safety, Zoning, Coordination of Regulatory Inspectional Activities, Bureau of Weights & Measures, Bureau of Building Inspection and recommended state legislation.
  • The reports issued by the Pennsylvania Economy League include surveys of the Department of Supplies and Purchases, the Recorder of Deeds, the Philadelphia County Prison, Bureau of Police, Bureau of Mechanical Equipment, cleaning & maintenance of City Hall and City Hall Annex, Municipal Court budget, Department of Public Welfare, Office of the Prothonotary and Board of Revision of Taxes.
  • The Committee of 70 prepared a report on the Registration Commission and the County Board of Elections.
  • Other reports include such subjects as a review of city salaries; sources of additional revenue; survey of the Philadelphia Income Tax Bureau; study of the Philadelphia County Prison; Administrative Survey and Survey of Physical Plant of the Philadelphia General Hospital and the Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases; Department of Supplies & Purchases; Bureau of Water; and the proposed water rate schedule.
There are also replies to the reports on:

  • personnel practices;
  • the Bureau of Police; and
  • the Department of Supplies and Purchases.

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