Board of Trustees, Philadelphia County Prisons, Reports & Publications

[Record Series: 84.9a]


  • A Handbook for Inmates - Information and Regulations Governing Inmates of Holmesburg Prison. ca. 1952; Plan for the House of Detention for Untried Adults in Philadelphia. Summary of Report by the Mayor's Study Advisory Committee for the Philadelphia House of Detention July 1958. Published 1960
  • Philadelphia Prisons, Prisoners Received & Released anuary-June, 1965, which contains extensive statistical analyses of the "quantity and type of prisoners handled by the Philadelphia Prisons" in that period
  • Monthly Reports for January, September, December 1960; anuary-February, April-December 1961; January-November 1962; February-May, July-December 1963; January -December 1964;
  • January-December 1965; November 1966.
These reports contain:

  • monthly reports of the Wardens of Moyamensing and Holmesburg Prisons, and of Detention Center, House of Correction, and Supervisor of Prison Industries;
  • monthly personnel reports;
  • financial reports;
  • reports re prisoners' medical treatment and prison educational and religious activities;
  • reports of total numbers only of prisoners received, discharged, transferred, escaped and their status (i.e. whether held for trial or convicted, and court in which tried; whether juveniles, material witnesses, parolees, U.S. prisoners, U.S. Army prisoners, or detainees of immigration authorities).

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