Hospital Surveys

[Record Series: 80.9]

Includes the following surveys:

  • Surveys and General Plan of Development of Philadelphia General Hospital, prepared by Harbeson, Hough, Livingston and Larson, Architects, 1947, which includes an investigation of the factors which determine the location, needs, and capacity of Philadelphia General Hospital and a description of the existing conditions in 1946.
  • Report of Survey of Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases, prepared by Judson F. Vogdes, Engineer, 1949, which includes a determination of the hospital needs for the part of Philadelphia served by the institution at this location, a survey of the existing physical plant with an analysis of the present use of existing facilities, an analysis of the present health services rendered to Philadelphia by the hospital, development of the possibility of the expansion of the service rendered by using the present facilities after their reconstruction, and development of the long term program for the hospital, including the development of a general hospital on the site, and a possible revision of the present method of handling contagious diseases.
  • Report of the Study of Philadelphia General Hospital (Northern Division), prepared by the Federal Security Agency - Public Health Services, by John G. Steinle, Daniel C. Jensen and Carl I. Sandberg, with collaboration by Vincent G. Kling, Architect, AIA, 1953, which includes the present facility, hospital buildings, general bed need, distribution of services, bed need for contagious diseases, bed need for tuberculous patients, mechanical section, and summary of program.
  • Philadelphia General Hospital Survey, by Vincent G. Kling, Architect, AIA, 1956, which includes an appraisal of the existing hospital facilities, utilization of municipal and voluntary hospitals in Philadelphia, evaluation of the need for additional general municipal hospital bed facilities, an evaluation of the incidence of chronic illness and of the need for chronic illness bed facilities, trends in the financing and provision of various types of hospital care, a summary of findings and conclusions, and the architect's recommendations.

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