Monthly Bulletin of The Department of Public Health and Philadelphia Health Bulletin

[Record Series: 80.7]

Published as Monthly Bulletin of the Department of Public Health, January-December 1920 and as the Philadelphia Health Bulletin, 1930, 1943-1952. Issued bi-monthly 1943-1944, and monthly 1920 and 1945-1951.

  • Includes articles by physicians and other health personnel on a variety of health and medical subjects, newsnotes relating to public health problems; and
  • monthly mortality statistics, which include for the year of 1920, mortality according to causes, sex and age; and
  • for the period, March 1942 March 1950, mortality by cause of death, total deaths and the death rate per 1,000 population.
  • The Bulletin for the year 1920 also adds reported causes of communicable diseases during the month.
  • Volume for May, June, July 1930 also includes Organization and Functions of the Department of Public Health. Also included are annual reports for the following units of the Department of Public Health:
  • Office of the Director of Public Health, 1944-1949;
  • Secretary of the Bureau of Health, 1944, 1946-1949;
  • Division of Communicable Diseases, 1944, 1946-1949;
  • Division of Laboratories, 1944-1949;
  • Division of Housing and Sanitation, 1944-1949;
  • Division of Child Hygiene, 1944-1949;
  • Division of Vital Statistics, 1944-1949;
  • Division of Tuberculosis, 1944-1949;
  • Division of Milk, Livestock, Meat and Food, 1945-1948;
  • Division of Venereal Disease Control, 1945-1949;
  • Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases, 1945-1948;
  • Philadelphia General Hospital, 1945-1948; and
  • Division of Air Pollution Control, 1948.

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