Philadelphia Public Health Reports and Publications

[Record Series: 80.3]

  • Philadelphia Public Health Survey, 1949, prepared by Health and Welfare Council, Inc. under sponsorship of the Department of Public Health and other City agencies; general topics include selected indices of Philadelphia health problems, review of public health resources, public health administration, major recommendations.
  • Health Center Services of Philadelphia, 1952. Report of a Citizens Committee appointed jointly by the Board of Health and the Health and Welfare Council which includes General Recommendations of the Committee, basic principles for operating Health Centers, the role of the Health Center in Family Health Maintenance, means of financing health services, Official and Voluntary Agency Relationships, Public Health Nursing, the Health Center and Hospitals, the Health Center and Schools, the Health Center and Professional Education, Location of Health Centers and Conclusions. Also included are reports of the Subcommittee on Professional Activities and Services, the Subcommittee on Socio- Economic Status, Subcommittee on Official-Voluntary Participation, Subcommittee on School Health and Subcommittee on Demographic Considerations.
  • Joint Committee for the Study of Health Centers, Report of the Sub-Committee on Demographic Considerations, 1952. The Joint Committee was made up of representatives from the Health and Welfare Council and the Department of Public Health. The Report includes discussions of the following topics: characteristics of the Philadelphia Population, substandard housing and average rents as indicators of health center needs, existing medical facilities, visits to health centers, location of health centers within redevelopment areas, and health centers and community councils; and presents recommendations.
  • Department of Public Health, Progress Reports, 1959, 1963, 1964. 3 vols.
  • "Accidental Fatalities in Philadelphia, 1956-1960" c. 1961 (Final Rough Draft); topics include leading causes of death, accidental deaths by age groups, sex, race; accident death rates by Health Office; accident fatalities by place of occurrence; accident fatalities by month of year; trend of accidental death rate in Philadelphia; comparison of accidental death rates of Philadelphia with selected cities in U.S. for 1959; relationship of accidental fatalities to marital status.
  • Public Health Views, 1956, 4 vols. Published by the Office of Health Education of the Department of Public Health in the interest of public information and to develop community participation in the public health program.
  • Accident Control Research-Demonstration Project. Report No.6 -Final Contact Report, July 1964, which is a demonstration of the group discussion process within the field of accident control.
  • New Era in Medical Public Service, Progress Report, 1963-1967
  • A Comprehensive Report on the Disposition of the Services of Philadelphia General Hospital, June 30, 1978, which discusses the transfer of acute in-patient services, of emergency services, of special treatment and research programs, and of out-patient services to other institutions; the termination of the Hospital's education programs, the establishment of the Philadelphia Nursing Home in the former Mills building of Philadelphia General Hospital, the relocation of the Hospital's Employees, disposition of equipment and physical plant, and new and expanded programs of the Department of Public Health.

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