Laws and Regulations

[Record Series: 76.40]

Volume 1922-1960 includes the following laws and regulations over which the Board or Bureau of Health had jurisdiction:

  • Slaughter House, Storage Houses, Markets, Shops, Wagons and Places where Meats, Poultry, Fish, Games and Shell-Fish are Prepared for use as Food and Sold. 1922
  • An Act. . . providing for reporting, quarantining and control of diseases declared communicable by this Act or regulations of the Department of Health, providing for the prevention of infection therefrom; and proscribing penalties, Approved June 28, 1923.
  • Regulations of the Advisory Health Board Pertaining to Commicable Diseases. July 1941
  • Control of Salvaged Drugs, Chemicals, Biological Products, Cosmetics and Foodstuffs, Approved April 11, 1942
  • The conduct and operation of public eating and drinking places, the inspection of and the issuance of licenses for such places in the City of Philadelphia, 1945, 1950
  • Division of Commicable Diseases Instructions to Medical Officers, May 28, 1945
  • Regulate the emission of smoke from chimneys, stacks, flues, etc. 1946
  • Storage, collection and disposal of used and discarded Motor Oils and Lubicants. 1946
  • Conduct of Rag Shops, Second-Hand Paper Shops and Junk Shops. 1946
  • Conduct and Regulation of Lying-In Hospital. 1946
  • Control and Use of hydrocyanic acid gas. 1946
  • Control of Bone-Boiling Establishments and Depositories of Dead Animals. 1946
  • A Brief History, The Functions and Scope of Authority of the Board of Health. 1946
  • Nuisances caused by defective paving or impropoer grading of Alleys and Driveways and encroaching fences or retaining walls appurtenant thereto. 1946
  • Conduct of Barber Shops, Schools and Colleges. 1946, 1949
  • Cleaning of Privy Wells, Vaults, Sinks or Cesspools, Odorless Excavators or Cesspools. 1946
  • Stables and Other Places Where Horses, Mules, Cows, Sheep, Goats or Swine are kept and Collection of Manure. 1946
  • Licensure and regulation of individuals, firms and corporations selling foodstuffs at retail from stands, carts, baskets, etc. on the public streets and highways. 1947
  • Erection, alterations, repair, use, occupancy, maintenance, sanitation and condemnation of dwellings, two-family dwellings, rooming-houses and tenements, and governing and regulating lodging-houses. 1948
  • Control of Communicable Disease in the Newborn and the Conduct of Maternity Hospitals and Related Divisions and Nurseries. 1948
  • Control and Regulate Air Pollution in the City of Philadelphia. 1948, 1949
  • Control of Communicable Diseases in the City of Philadelphia. 1948, 1951
  • Rules and Regulations Governing Registration and Licensure of Master and Journeymen Plumbers, House Drainage, Ventilation and Cesspools. 1948
  • Sale, Storage, Delivery and Licensing for sale of Formula Milk and regulating conditions under which the same may be prepared for sale in the City of Philadelphia. 1948
  • Storing, handling, selling, manufacturing and processing of milk and milk products and the licensing and regulating the conditions under which the same may be prepared for sale in the City of Philadelphia. 1949
  • Installation of Fuel Burning Equipment and Fees for the Issuance of Permits. 1949
  • Schedule of Fees for Filing Plans with the Department of Public Health for the Construction of Plumbing, House Drainage and Cesspools. 1949
  • Handling, selling, exhibiting for sale or storing of meat, meat food products, fish, shellfish and poultry in the City of Philadelphia and the licensing and regulating of slaughterhouse shops, wagons and places where such foodstuffs are prepared, stored, or exposed for sale. 1949
  • Control and Regulation of Air Pollution in the City of Philadelphia. 1949
  • Control of Venereal Diseases in the City of Philadelphia. 1950
  • Control of Communicable Diseases in the City of Philadelphia. 1951
  • Personnel Policies and Regulations. 1952
  • Control of Trailer Camps. 1951
  • Control of Dumps and Dumping Vehicles in the City of Philadelphia. 1951, 1952
  • Operation and Maintenance of Apparatus used for Shoe-fitting fluoroscopy. 1952, 1955
  • Operation and Maintenance of Apparatus used for Shoe-fitting fluoroscopy. 24 February 1955
  • Eating and Drinking and Catering Establishments. May 26, 1955
  • Slaughter, Handling, Inspection and Preparation of Meat and Meat Products. 22 September 1955
  • Conduct, Operation and Maintenance of Rendering Plants, 27 September 1956
  • Bacteriological Quality and Disinfection of Water in Swimming Places, 24 May 1956
  • Operation and Conduct of Barber and Beauty Shops, and Schools and Colleges for the Training of Barbers and Beauty Shop Operators. 24 May 1956
  • Food Establishments. 25 October 1956
  • Food Stores. 19 December 1957
  • Private Dumps and Landfills. 21 November 1957
  • Milk, Milk Products and Frozen Desserts, 25 September 1958
  • Food Processing and Food Manufacturing. 13 January 1960
  • Isolation for Tuberculosis in Its Communicable Stage, 13 April 1960

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