Business Services Division, Files

[Record Series: 64.19]

Files include:

  • general and personal correspondence, memos, data compiled for the use of the Industrial Liaison Officer, statistical tables showing Philadelphia manufacturing employment, 1948-1973, employment in provate service industries, 1951-1973, estimated wages and salaries and employment change, 1969-1975, and comparison of state and local taxes;
  • publicity photographs, speeches of City officials pertaining to industrial development, reports, graphs showing resident employment and unemployment in Philadelphia, 1957-1967;
  • proposed programs for housing, education, jobs, income, and targets for development, 1966;
  • Overall Economic Development Program of the City, June 1972;
  • City Planning Commission agendas, reviews, resolutions, memos, 1972, 1974-1975;
  • Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation publications, agendas, reports, lists of Board members, minutes of meetings of the Board and Executive Committee of the Board, memos and correspondence, 1970-1975;
  • analyses of relocation opportunities in the Philadelphia area for business firms, of the cost benefit of a printing complex, of movement of industry into and out of the Philadelphia area, 1949-1962, and of the economic impact of the Bicentennial; interviews with business firms, One-Stop Business reports, 1972-1975;
  • specifications for work on the Civic Center and certain Philadelphia piers funded under the federal Economic Development Administration's program of Public Works Impact Projects (PWIP);
  • memos and clippings relative to Harold Stassen's charges during the Dilworth-Stassen campaign for Mayor, 1959;
  • One-Stop status reports, 1972-1975, which include firm's name, address, number of employees, City department involved, and proposals.

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