Industrial Development Division, Project Files

[Record Series: 64.18]

Contents include:

  • memos to and from City departments such as Public Property, Streets, and Water Departments;
  • correspondence with business firms, state and federal officials, the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), Redevelopment Authority (RDA), contractors and developers, excerpts of PIDC Directors' minutes, plans and sections of industrial redevelopment sites;
  • copies of deeds transferring City tracts of land to the PIDC, the RDA, or developers; copies of deeds, leases and contracts, land appraisal reports, press releases of the PIDC and Commerce Department, and opinion surveys;
  • construction and demolition specifications and development guidelines, copies of proposed ordinances, and photographs.
Topics include:

  • community renewal, relocation of those industries forced to move by the construction of the Delaware Expressway (I-95);
  • acquisition of new plant sites for Gulf Oil Company, Horn and Hardart Baking Company, and Penrose Industries (Sun Ray Drug Company);
  • industrial development and construction, industrial development outside Philadelphia, a proposal to conduct economic studies of Philadelphia's economic activities, public investment, land uses along the Schuylkill River, the trucking industry, and PIDC projects. Two cubic feet of these files concern the acquisition and development of tracts for Philadelphia Industrial Park, adjacent to North Philadelphia Airport;
  • Penrose Industrial Park, adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport;
  • the Red Lion Industrial District, located on the north and south sides of Red Lion Road adjoining the Budd Company;
  • Riverside Industrial Park, located at Richmond and Norris Streets; and the Torresdale Industrial Park, located on tracts at the northeast corner of Torresdale Avenue and Tolbut Street, the southeast corner of Linden Avenue and Torresdale Avenue, and the southwest corner of Linden Avenue and State Road. Two other cubic feet include files pertaining to business firms assisted by the PIDC in the years 1965-1968.
  • Also included are reports on Industrial Land, Philadelphia, 1958 (an inventory of open acreage potentially available for industrial development), the Demand for Housing in the Washington Square East Redevelopment Area, June 1958 (prepared by the Institute for Urban Studies of the University of Pennsylvania), Economic-Social Concerns of Poplar residents, ca. 1972;
  • Digests of Requests by the City for State Aid, ca. 1965;
  • Decca Radar for the Delaware River, n.d. (prepared by Decca Radar, Inc., of New York).

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