Reports & Publications

[Record Series: 6.2]


  • "Powers and Duties of Magistrates in Criminal Cases," by Samuel P. Rotan, District Attorney, 1913, reprints all provisions of Acts of Assembly in force at date concerning magistrates' duties; also includes copies of sample forms for informations, warrants, subpoenas, commitments, discharges, bail bonds, search warrants, magistrates' returns, record of summary convictions;
  • "Report to the District Attorney on the Investigation of Acquisition of Piers 46 and 48 South by the City of Philadelphia," 1967;
  • "Report on Sexual Assaults in the Philadelphia Prison System and Sheriffs Vans," 1968, prepared in cooperation with Police Department and submitted to Court of Common Pleas.
  • "Report of the Spectrum Investigation" June 27, 1968.
  • "The District Attorney's Community Guide to Drug and Alcohol Related Nuisance Enforcement," ca. 1996, Public Nuisance Task Force

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