WHEREAS THE costs of employee injuries and indemnity claims against the City have risen dramatically and the City must find ways to better manage these costs in order to limit its liabilities while continuing to care effectively for employees who are injured; and,

WHEREAS, WORKER safety and the prevention of injury are of paramount importance; and,

WHEREAS THE responsibility for the management of the functions related to the risks and liabilities of the City has been spread among a number of City departments that have not effectively coordinated their activities and, as a result, there is a need to develop a better structure for the management of these functions; and,

WHEREAS, THE city's new agreements with DC 33 and DC 47 have provided an opportunity to forge a partnership to bring about sweeping structural reform in the employee disability system in order to improve the delivery of medical services for employees who have been injured, while at the same time limiting costs;

NOW, THEREFORE, by the power vested in me by the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, it is hereby ordered that:

1. A Risk Management Division will be established in the Office of the Director of Finance. This Division will be responsible for indemnity claim and subrogation management, self insurance and/or purchased insurance, all employee injury and disability programs, work safety/injury prevention and other loss prevention programs, and such other functions as might from time-to-time be required to identify, limit, and/or prevent risk or liability;

2. The Risk Management Division will be headed by a Deputy Director of Finance for Risk Management (Risk Manager) who will have overall responsibility for developing and implementing the City's Risk Management Program;

3. A Risk Management Advisory Committee consisting of the Director of Finance, the Managing Director, the City Solicitor, the Personnel Director, the Deputy Director of Finance for Budgetary and Fiscal Policy, and three members designated by the Mayor is hereby established to assure that the City's risk management decisions reflect the concerns of all areas of government, and to promote the consistent implementation of risk management programs throughout the government; (amended 27 April 1993)

4. The staff and supporting services and equipment required for the effective operation of the Risk Management Division will be transferred from the Law Department, the Personnel Department, the Department of Public Health, and any other department where these functions have been performed to the Office of the Director of Finance Risk Management Division; and,

5. All departments, boards, and commissions are required to provide complete and timely information to the Risk Manager regarding employee injuries, general liability claims, and any other areas of risk or liability under their jurisdiction. Such cooperation and information shall include, but not be limited to, immediate reporting of work related injuries and prompt determination and communication of whether an employee's injury is service-connected.

6. All departments, boards, and commissions are required to implement such programs or changes in procedures as the Risk Manager may promulgate for the promotion of workplace safety and the prevention or limitation of risks or liabilities. All City supervisors and managers should recognize worker safety and injury prevention as extremely high priorities and should take responsibility for the safety of their workplaces.

7. Safety representatives in all agencies shall cooperate with the Central Safety Office as directed by the Risk Manager.

8. All departments, boards, and commissions shall take such actions, consistent with the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and applicable law, as are necessary to effectuate the provisions of this Executive Order.

Date: 26 February 1993

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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