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Philadelphia Committee for the Relief of Traffic Congestion

[Record Group 174]

174.1 Minutes
July 19, 1945-March 3, 1948, no index
The Committee's organizational meeting took place on July 19, 1945. In addition to the Committee's minutes there are included the following additional materials: Memo of Meeting of the Off-Street Parking and Street System sub-Committees, July 27,1945; Report of the Off-Street Parking Sub-Committee, August 3, 1945; Notes from Public Hearing Before City Council Committee on Public Safety, March 26, 1947, April 15,1947; Minutes, Meeting of Civic Development Committee, February 6,1948; Notes from a Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Reorganization, March 5,1948; and Minutes of Combined Meeting of the Philadelphia Committee for the Relief of Traffic Congestion and Mayor Samuel's Traffic Safety Committee, March 19,1948 and May 25, 1948.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
174.2 Annual Reports in manuscript
3 sheets,
Covers first nine sessions of the Committee.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
174.3 Correspondence and Papers
1 cu.ft., no index
files of Robert A. Mitchell, Chairman of the Committee and Chief of the Bureau of Traffic Engineering. Includes information concerning Committee members, correspondence with Committee members, City agencies, businesses and civic organizations concerning solutions to traffic problems; a record of the attendance of members at Committee meetings, correspondence and memos concerning plans for the development of offstreet and improvement of on-street parking, recommendations to City Council and and drafts of legislation for the improvement of traffic flow, publicity releases, copies of speeches by Committee members; descriptions, statistics, samples and questionaires of various surveys conducted by the Committee including survevs on the number of persons entering and leaving the Central Business District on a typical weekday, parking, off-street parking, shoppers' mode of transportation, and parking ins fringements; lists of parking lots, the capacity of each and fees for parking; copies of reports received including a report on the San Francisco experience with large scale underground parking garages, a report of the City's Traffic Engineer on the highway approaches to the Delaware River (Benjamin Franklin) Bridge, and a report of the Off-Street Parking Committee to the Committee concerning the relief of traffic congestion;correspondence between the Committee Chairman, Robert A. Mitchell, and Clarence K. Crossan, Chairman of the City Council's Committee on Public Safety; notes of the first meeting of the Committee on July 19,1945, news clippings, information concerning the development of Filbert Street for New Jersey bus traffic, and proposals for the development of underground and multi-story parking garages in the downtown area. These files later became part of the files of the Philadelphia Highway Traffic Board which was the successor to the Committee.
For similar records 1948-1952, see Department of Public Safety.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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