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Surveys: 3rd Survey District

[Record Group 90-3]

90-3.1 Surveys
ca. 1780-1917
12 cu.ft., index
Individual surveys made for area of "old city" (Vine to South streets, River to River) include real property lines and metes and bounds, names of persons for whom surveys made, date, property owners' names, surveyors signature; also included are wharf and river bank lines, public properties; occasional copies of orders of Quarter Sessions Court to City to open streets; on the reverse of many of these surveys are found ward level election returns, 1785, 1798-1799 (see record series 1.18); these are included in their proper file folders as surveys by enclosed separately in envelopes within them; those files are 1Q,V,W; 2F,P,R,V,W,X,Z; 3L,0,Q,R,S, T,V,X,Y; 4G,H,M,P,Q,R,T,V,W,X,Z; 5B,K,Q,R,W,X,Z; 6F,P,Q,S,T,X; 7Y,Z; 8E,S,T,V,X.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Surveys: 3rd Survey District [90-3]
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