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[Record Group 85-1]

85-1.1 Correspondence and Reports
1917-1918, 1927-1931, 1936-1940, 1945-1950
1 cu.ft.
Bulk of correspondence is for the periods 1917-1918 and 1936-1939. The 1917-1918 correspondence is either with the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation or with City officials concerning the Corporation which was responsible for the construction of the Hog Island Ship Yard and its operation, through the American International Shipbuilding Corporation, during World War I. Included are correspondence, memos, drafts of ordinances, and cost estimates concerning land acquisition, improvements to roads, repair of the Penrose Avenue Bridge, extension of the a street-car line to facilitate access to the Ship Yard, eradication of mosquito breeding grounds; and plans for drainage sewers, water supply, and street improvements in order to accommodate the construction of housing for shipyard workers in the 40th Ward by the Emergency Fleet Corporation. Correspondence, 1936-1939, to a wide range of recipients, concerns the WPA programs. Reports of 1950 to City Council concerning Airport Financial Program, and a survey of water charges on unmetered properties with a proposed program of installing meters on them. Correspondence for the period 1927-1931 is principally with the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company concerning contracts, repairs, etc. Correspondence for the period 1928-1930, 1936-1940, 1945-1950 relates to the development and improvement of aviation facilities in Philadelphia, including minutes of the Mayor's Coordinating Board, 1936; statements relating to various phases of planning and construction of the airport, 1937-1940, 1946-1950; Mayor Samuel's remarks upon the opening of Northeast Philadelphia Airport, 1945; outline description of the Bureau of Aeronautics, 1949; "Chronological Record of the Development of the Philadelphia Municipal Airport. 1940"; and press clippings 1928-1930, 1946-1950. Also included is "Reports and Recommendations for a Municipal Airport for the City of Philadelphia" by Alexander Murdoch, Director, Department of Public Works and Lt.-Colonel Harry H. Blee, Chief, Division of Airports and Aeronautics Information, Washington, D.C. 9 March 1929.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
85-1.2 Correspondence with Mayor's Office
1899-1908, missing 1901-1902
1 cu.ft., no index
Includes reports and directions received, recommendations for appointments
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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