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Managing Director, Office of the / Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs (CODAAP)

[Record Group 61-6]

61-6.1 Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs. Program Operations Data.
8 cu.ft.
Files pertaining to the agencies from which the City, through CODAAP, contracts for drug and alcohol abuse treatment services. Includes correspondence with participating agencies for drug or alcohol abuse treatment services, program proposals, grant applications; performance plans which include information on the type of project, number of clients, number of treatment days and cost of service; program descriptions, proposed budgets, performance plans, letters awarding grants; various City, State and Federal forms showing income and expenditures, projected income, budget summaries, funding sources and funding criteria of each agency; quarterly, annual and fiscal reports of each agency; copies of agencies' minutes of boards of directors, agendas and rules; clinic schedules, client statistics, lists of agencies' staff members and their job descriptions, program site visit reports; performance audits which include descriptive and analytical summaries, subjective assessments and narrative assessments of programs and , in one instance, a record of a hearing before a hearing examiner of the Governor's Council of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Agencies to which files pertain include The Road, Al-Assist, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center, West Philadelphia Community Mental Health Consortium Inc., Hahnemann Hospital Community Health/ Mental Retardation Center, the Self Help Program of the Philadelphia Probation Department, Philadelphia Alternatives for Rehabilitation, Inc., Philadelphia Alternatives for Rehabilitation, Inc., Impact Services, National Council on Alcoholism, Giuffre, Interim House, The Bridge, Rites of Passage,Project Pride, Self Help, Shalom, Thomas Jefferson University, Gaudenzia, and others.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Managing Director, Office of the / Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs (CODAAP) [61-6]
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