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Housing and Community Development, Office of

[Record Group 60-17]

60-17.2 Reports and Publications
7 volumes,
Reports and publications issued by and/or received by the Office of Housing and Community Development. These include publications relating to the American Street Industrial Corridor and materials relating to the services offered by this office. Also included are copies (not a complete set) of the newsletter produced by the office during the 1990s.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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60-17.3 Applications for Development Block Grants
5 volumes, no index
The applications for community development block grants and other housing grants contain a wealth of material relating to the city's housing strategies and much statistical information in regards to the overall housing needs and market analysis within the city of Philadelphia. The section of housing and homeless needs contains chapters dealing with housing conditions and affordability, estimated housing needs by family and income categories, summary of housing needs by income group, needs of other categories of households (including distribution of income for Philadelphia households across ethnic/racial groups), non-homeless populations with special needs (elderly, disabled, AIDS, etc.), homeless needs and lead-based paint hazards. The second section, concerned with the housing market analysis, includes chapters on market and inventory conditions, areas of racial and/or low-income concentrations, inventory of public and assisted housing, inventory of facilities and services for the homeless, special needs facilities and services, and barriers to affordable housing development.

The strategic plan section addresses the city's approach to solving many of the problems and details the goals of the plan and priority needs summary table. Among the areas which are addressed in detail are affordable housing, homelessness, non-homeless special needs, non-housing community development, geographic allocation of resources, the strategy for removing barriers to affordable housing, lead-base paint hazard reductions strategy, anti-poverty strategy, the strategies for improving institutional structure and coordination, and public housing resident initiatives.

The action plan section (part 4) includes chapters on housing production, homeownership and housing preservation, homeless and special needs housing, employment and training, community economic development, acquisition, site preparation and relocation, community organization capacity building, neighborhood planning and development, federal program guidelines and the budget.

The later plans also include copious appendices and tables illustrating many of the elements discussed in the plans.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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60-17.4 Grantee Performance Reports
10 volumes, no index
The Grantee Performance Report is an annual accounting of the monies received and spent as a result of the Community Development Block Grant broken down by activity and project. The objectives of each activity are listed followed by a listing of the accomplishments and/or status of the project as of the end of the grant year. Many of the projects have a table indicating the total number of households/persons assisted by the activity broken down by income and ethnic backgrounds, the amount budgeted and the amount spent.
Location: City Archives, 3101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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