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[Record group 60-4]
Agency Function
The budget functions of the Office of the Mayor have been exercised primarily by the Office of the Director of Finance since 1951.

Agency History
The Mayor is responsible for presenting an annual operating budget for City Council's approval each year. Under the Home Rule Charter of 1951, the Director of Finance bears the responsibility and authority to coordinate and supervise the financial activities of the City. The Director of Finance prepares the budget which the Mayor presents to City Council. Prior to the Home Rule Charter, the Mayor's staff prepared the annual budget. All budget and financial materials since 1952 are located with records of the Office of the Director of Finance.

Archival Records
60-4.1 Budget (1920, 1934-1952)

60-4.2 Budget Research Board. Reports and Publications (1951)

60-4.3 Budget Messages (19251928, 19461948, 19511972, 1975-1978, 1980-1981)

Current Records

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