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Agency Function

Administrative Subunits
Executive Director
Administrative Staff
Department of Admissions and Concessions
Department of Domestic Participation and Special Events
Department of Exhibits
Department of Finance and Accounting
Department of Foreign Participation
Department of Pageantry
Department of Publicity
Women's Department
Department of Works

Agency History
Building on the preliminary work of the board and its special committees, the directors hired paid administrators and specialists to implement plans for the exposition. The first of these was Colonel John Price Jackson who served as executive director of the Association from February to November 1923. Jackson was instrumental in creating various board committees to work with members of the community to plan and organize activities focusing on selected thematic areas. He also mobilized the fundraising efforts of the executive committee which occupied the greater share of his time. No one succeeded Jackson as executive director. Following Colonel Collier's appointment as director general in February 1925, Collier worked with Mayor Kendrick to select an administrative staff for the exposition. An organizational chart dated March 23, 1926, shows a staff headed by the Association president (Kendrick). The director-general occupied the next rung down. Reporting to the director-general were 12 department heads. Within the departments were various divisions made up of professional, administrative, clerical, and operations staff. The twelve departments were as follows: Admissions and Concessions, Aviation, Domestic Participation and Special Events, Exhibits, Finance and Accounting, Foreign Participation, Military, Pageantry, Publicity, Transportation, Women's Department, and Works. Some of these units were outgrowths of pre-existing board committees such as the Women's Committee, but they also included staff people who had had limited prior contact with the Sesqui-Centennial movement. Finally, the administrative staff included personnel from city agencies who were drafted into the department of works in order to complete the many construction projects on time. See brief historical sketches of the departments and divisions below.

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