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[Record group 232-4-8]
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Agency History
Wright's letter to Collier, October 2, 1925, relays information about countries which had thus far agreed to participate. Additionally, the file includes a copy of an informative letter from Mayor Kendrick to Secretary of State Frank Kellogg, May 5, 1925, outlining support authorized for the Sesqui-Centennial up to that date. Captain Asher Carter Baker, director of foreign exhibits, who succeeded Collier as director-in-chief, traveled throughout Europe to promote interest in the Sesqui-Centennial among foreign exhibitors. After Baker's death in May 1926, Joseph R. Wilson became the next director general and oversaw many of the events at the Sesqui-Centennial involving foreign participants.

Archival Records
232-4-8.1 Correspondence and Files (1922-1927)

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