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Agency History
For the final report of the Centennial Guard, the Centennial Police Force of the Philadelphia Police Department and the Centennial Fire Department, see Final Report of the Director-General.

The Bureau of Protection consisted of the Centennial Guard and the Fire Patrol. Initially, the Commission hoped that the United States Government would detail a sufficient force from the regular army for guard duty. As this hope failed, the Commission organized a regiment of a thousand men, including officers, which would be recruited and equipped for the purposes of security on the grounds. Eventually, the Guard recruited a total of 1409 men to serve. On any given day, over 550 men would be on duty. The Bureau of Protection also oversaw the Centennial Fire Department, organized on 5 February 1876. In addition to two fire houses on the grounds, firemen were stationed at various buildings throughout the Exhibition in case of alarm.

Archival Records
230-30.1 Correspondence and Papers (1875-1876)

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