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[Record group 230-21]
Agency Function

Agency History
For the final report of the Bureau of Agriculture, see Final Report of the Director-General.

The Bureau of Agriculture was organized on 25 February 1875. In accordance with the published circular letter, the Bureau "will comprehend the native and cultivated products of the soil, and of objects more directly derived therefrom, agricultural machinery and farm appliances." The Bureau also announced that it was providing accommodations for the display of live-stock in the fall months of September and October. It was principally responsible for the installation of displays and the maintenance of Agricultural Hall, the Dairy Building, the Butter and Cheese Building, Brewers' Hall, the Wagon Building, and Pomological Hall. Initially, the Bureau planned for a competitive trial of agricultural machinery but this was later replaced with a voluntary trial and exhibition of machinery, without awards.

Archival Records
230-21.1 Minutes (1875)

230-21.2 Correspondence and Papers (1875-1876)

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