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USCC - Executive Committee and Director-General

[Record group 230-2]
Agency Function

Agency History
The United States Centennial Commission created the office of the Director-General of the International Exhibition in May 1873. The duties and powers of the Director-General were defined as follows:

"The Director-General shall exercise such supervision, direction, and control of the operations of the Centennial Commission as will tend to promote the efficiency of every agency employed, and to this end, on questions of general policy and administration, it shall be his duty, when practicable, to avail himself of the judgment of the Executive Committee and be subject to their direction; but in the absence of said Committee, he shall be authorized and instructed to assume all such executive powers and functions as may be necessary to secure promptness, efficiency, and good faith in every department of his work."

Archival Records
230-2.1 Correspondence and Papers (1872-1878)

230-2.2 Final Report of the Director-General (1878)

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