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Agency History
For the final report of the Classification and Catalogue, see Final Report of the Director-General.

The Bureau of Classification and Catalogue was born in the first days of the United States Centennial Commission, which determined that a classification of the various exhibits was necessary, both for their arrangement in the Exhibition and in their appearance in the Official Catalogue. The Committee designed a system that was both systematic and geographic. As planning for the buildings on the grounds proceeded, it became apparent that the classification system would have to be changed to accommodate five principal buildings, instead of one as originally conceived. The work of the rearrangement of the classification was assigned to the Secretary's Office, which proceeded to create an arrangement of seven departments. The Secretary's Office attempted to adhere as closely as possible to the original plan of the Commission.

The Main Building held the exhibits of three departments: I. Mining and Metallurgy; II. Manufactures; and III. Education and Science. The Art Gallery (now Memorial Hall) was the site of department IV: Art. The fifth department (Machinery) was located in Machinery Hall, while the sixth department (Agriculture) was held in Agricultural Hall. Finally, Horticultural Hall, the other building intended to remain as a permanent memorial to the Exhibition, hosted the various horticultural exhibits of Department VII.

Archival Records
230-10.1 Catalogue Information Sheets

230-10.2 Official Catalogue (1876)

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