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Moyamensing, Township of; District of

[Record group 214]
Agency Function
The functions of the various districts, townships and boroughs were assumed by the Consolidated City of Philadelphia after passage of the Act of Consolidation on 2 February 1854.

Agency History

Archival Records
214.1 Board of Commissioners. Minutes (1846-1854)

214.2 Board of Commissioners. Indenture Book (1836-1845)

214.3 Digests of Laws and Ordinances (1838, 1848)

214.4 Board of Commissioners: Committee of Accounts, Minutes (1848-1853)

214.5 Corporation Tax Assessment Ledger (1853)

214.6 Surveyor and Regulator. Survey of Lots (1833-1848)

214.7 District Treasurer. Monthly Receipts and Expenditures (1837-1854)

214.8 District Treasurer. Order Stubs (1853-1854)

214.9 District Treasurer. Receipts for Disbursals (1853-1854)

214.10 District Treasurer. Loan Certificate Stubs (1834, 1852-1853)

214.11 District Treasurer. Interest Payments on Loans Ledger (1844-1854)

214.12 District Treasurer. Debts Outstanding Register (1852)

214.13 District Treasurer. Vehicle Registration Fee Stubs (1852-1854)

214.14 "The General Regulation Both of the Street Lines and Draining of the Incorporated Part of the Township of Moyamensing by Reading Howell." (1811)

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