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Surveys: 13th Survey District

[Record group 90-13]
Agency Function

Agency History
he 13th Survey District was created in 1868 to cover the 28th Ward (later 28th, 32nd, 37th & 38th Wards). It was enlarged in 1929 to cover the 20th, 28th, 29th, 32nd, 37th, 38th, and 47th Wards, taking part of the old 4th Survey District territory. The 13th Survey District was abolished three years later in 1932: its original territory became part of the 6th District, the territory it received from the 4th District was given to the 3rd District.

Archival Records
90-13.1 Surveys, Plans and Maps (1879-1911)

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Last updated on November 8, 2000