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Public Works, Department of
Committee on Comprehensive Plans

[Record group 85-101]
Agency Function
The duties of the Committee were to act as an advisory board to the Director of the Department of Public Works to advise and suggest to the Mayor and the Director such plans for the physical and material improvement of the City as may seem proper and best adapted for the future development of the City along comprehensive lines.

Agency History
Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg approved an ordinance on 17 February 1912 creating the Permanent Committee on Comprehensive Plans and appointed the following people to the Committee: Paul P. Cret, S. S. Fels, Emil Guenther, Alba B. Johnson, John F. Lewis, George W. Norris, John Hall Rankin, John E. Reyburn, Edward T. Stotesbury and Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler. In addition, the Mayor, Chairman of the Councils' Committe of Finance, Director of Public Works, Presidents of Common and Select Councils, President of the Fairmount Park Commission, and Chief of the Bureau of Surveys enjoyed ex-officio status on this Committee.
The Committee was active during the period 1912-1918. Although the Committee does not appear to have survive the reorganization of city government under the Charter of 1919, the idea of a comprehensive planning body which prompted the creation of this Committee probably also led to the formation of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission in 1929.

Archival Records
85-101.1 Annual Report (1912, 1914-1918)

85-101.2 Reports (1915, 1917)

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