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Philadelphia Highway Traffic Board

[Record group 83-100]
Agency Function

Agency History
The Philadelphia Highway Traffic Board was established in the Department of Public Safety by an ordinance of City Council, approved by the Mayor on 2 June 1948 and amended on 28 September 1948, in order to act in an advisory capacity to the City in matters pertaining to traffic. The Board was composed of the Chairman of the Councilmanic Committee on Public Safety, the Chief of the Bureau of Traffic Engineering and fifteen members appointed by the Mayor, by and with the approval of City Council These appointees were to include one person to represent each of the following organizations: Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Merchants' Association, Philadelphia Real Estate Board, Philadelphia Theatres Association, Philadelphia Hotel Association, Automobile Club of Philadelphia, Keystone Automobile Club, Philadelphia Transportation Company, Yellow Cab Company, and Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association. The Chief of the Bureau of Traffic Engineering served as secretary to the Board. Its chairman and other officers were to be elected by Board members of whom ten constituted a quorum she bulk of the Board's work was performed by five sub-committees: Education and Publicity Enforcement, Engineering and Accident Records, Laws and Ordinances and Off Street Parking. The Board superseded and assumed the duties of two preceding bodies , the Philadelphia Committee for the Relief Traffic Congestion and The Mayor's Traffic Committee. The Board went out of existence when the Home Rule Charter became effective in 1952

Archival Records
83-100.1 Annual Reports (1950-1951)

83-100.2 Minutes (July 19,1948-December 17,1951)

83-100.3 Executive Committee, Minutes (September 13,1948-November 3,1950)

83-100.4 By-Laws (19 July 1948)

83-100.5 Correspondence & Files (1948-1951)

83-100.6 Central City Truck Survey (March 1950)

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