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Public Property: Transit Planning and Operations

[Record group 82-6]
Agency Function
The functions of this division includes providing inter-agency coordination for the City's mass transit program, to monitor operations of the City-owned transit facilities to insure compliance with lease agreements with the various operating agencies, and to monitor operations of all transit services which the City subsidizes through its payments to SEPTA.

Agency History

Archival Records
82-6.1 Files (1952-1975)

82-6.2 South Broad Street Extension. Preliminary Plans (1962)

82-6.3 Transit System Weekly Inspection Reports (1965-1969)

82-6.4 Engineering Proposals (1970-1971, 1973-1975)

82-6.5 Reports (1970-1973, 1975-1976)

82-6.6 Reports & Publications Received (1966-1977)

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