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Bureau of Health

[Record group 80-2]
Agency Function
The Bureau of Health had direct charge of all municipal activities relating to public health, including the control of housing, sanitation, and collection of vital statistics, with the exception of the control and maintenance of the various municipal hospitals. It worked closely with the Board of Health in the discharge of its responsibilities.

Administrative Subunits
Under the 1919 Philadelphia City Charter, the Bureau of Health was comprised of the following divisions of the Department of Public Health: Division of Housing and Sanitation; Division of Medical Inspection; Division of Medical Inspection of Public Schools; Division of Medical Inspection of Private Schools; Division of Child Hygiene; Division of Dental Correction; Division of Tuberculosis; Division of Laboratories; Division of Vital Statistics; Division of Milk, Livestock, Meat & Food Inspection; Division of Communicable Diseases; Division of Venereal Disease Control; Division of Health Center Administration, and Division of Air Pollution Control

Agency History
Under the 1951 Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, the Bureau of Health was abolished as a separate division of the Department of Public Health and the various divisions reorganized as divisions of the new Department of Public Health.

Archival Records
80-2.1 Secretary of the Bureau of Health. Annual Report (1944-1946-1949)

80-2.2 Philadelphia Consolidated Health Center. Annual Report (1948)

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