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Agency Function
The Office of the Director of Finance was created to give the Mayor and the City government a principal officer responsible for the financial, accounting, and budgeting functions of the executive branch.

Powers and duties of the Office of the Director of Finance include the following:

  • Maintaining separate accounts of each item of appropriation made to any officer, department, board or commission of the City, to any other governmental officer or agency and to any other person, association or corporation. Each such account shall show the amount of the appropriation, the amounts paid therefrom, the unpaid obligations against it, and the unencumbered balance.
  • Maintaining complete supervision over detailed accounting records kept by officers, departments, boards, commissions, agencies or others receiving appropriations from the City. After consultation with the City Controller, the Director shall devise, and from time to time improve, a uniform system of accounting for all officers, departments, boards and commissions of the City and other governmental agencies receiving appropriations, and shall require such system to be installed and maintained by all such officers, departments, boards, commissions and agencies.
  • Supervising the accounting for all moneys received and receivable by the City from any source whatever.
  • Issuing within one hundred and twenty days after the close of each fiscal year a statement as of the end of that year showing the balances in all funds of the City, the amounts of the City's known liabilities, and such other information as is necessary to furnish a true picture of the City's financial condition.
The Sinking Fund Commission was also created by the Home Rule Charter to invest moneys in the sinking fund and to redeem or purchase City bonds.

Administrative Subunits
Accounting Bureau

Bureau of Administrative Adjudication

Executive Direction

Minority Business Enterprise Council

Office of Budget and Program Evaluation

Risk Management

Agency History
The Office of the Director of Finance was created under the terms of the City Charter of 1951 as the "chief financial, accounting, and budget" office of the City. (The City Controller, however, is exempted from the Finance Director's jurisdiction in order to insure the independence of his auditing function.)

Under Mayor's Administrative Order No. 1, issued by Mayor Joseph S. Clark on 7 January 1952, the Office of the Director of Finance assumed the functions of the Systems Unit of the Audit and Systems Section, the General Ledger and Recording Section, and the Payroll Unit and Machine Records Unit of the Office of the City Controller, and the Budget Research Board of the Office of the Mayor.The duties of the Office include maintaining accounts of the expenditures and balances of appropriations to all agencies receiving City funds, exercising full supervision over the accounting records of those offices and of monies receivable by the City, issuing annual reports of all City funds and liabilities, and maintaining a perpetual inventory of City property. In addition, the office must approve City contracts as to availability of appropriated funds before their execution, and is charged with gathering the financial data necessary for the preparation by the City Planning Commission of the Capital Program and the Capital Budget, and with compiling the annual operating budget for the Mayor's submission to City Council.

Archival Records
62.1 Annual Report (1952-1962)

Current Records
62.a Bank Reconciliations

62.c Burial Records

62.d Check Vouchers

62.f Fixed Asset Records

62.h Master Fiscal Year Files

62.k Posted Checks and Vouchers

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