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Commissioners for the Erection of Buildings for the Accommodation of the Poor

[Record group 35-4]
Agency Function

Agency History
A 12-member commission elected by City Councils and the Commissioners of the Northern Liberties, Southwark, Spring Garden and Kensington, pursuant to an Act of March 5, 1828, to purchase land for and oversee the construction of the new Alms House in Blockley Township. Although given some degree of autonomy, the commission was not a separately incorporated body and their actions were subject to the approval of the Board of the Guardians of the Poor, which also served as the conduit for its operating funds. The Commission was dissolved in May, 1838

Archival Records
35-4.1 Minutes (1828-1838)

35-4.2 Treasurer's Accounts (1828-1837)

35-4.3 Day Book (1830-1838)

35-4.4 Agreements with Contractors and Suppliers (1832-1835)

35-4.5 Receipt Stubs for Materials Received (1830-1834)

35-4.6 Treasurer. Voucher Stubs (1835-1837)

35-4.7 Building Materials Account Book (April 10, 1834 - April 25, 1835)

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