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Guardians of the Poor, Board of Trustees

[Record group 35-3]
Agency Function

Administrative Subunits
Board of Trustees
Committee on Alms House
Alms House Managers
Alms House
Superintendent of Alms House
Alms House Hospital
Committee on Accounts
Committee on Bastardy
Committee on Buildings
Committee on Children's Asylum
Committee to Erect Buildings for the Children's Asylum
Children's Asylum
Committee on Classification and Diet
Committee on Collections
Committee on Finance
Garden Committee
Hospital Committee
Committee on Lunatic Asylum
Committee on Manufacturing
Committee on Out Wards
Committee on Penn Farm
Committee on Poor Tax Duplicates
Committee on Support Cases and Collections
Board of Physicians
Collector of Debts and Ground Rents
Visitors of Poor
Schuylkill Almshouse

Agency History
For history of the Guardians of the Poor, see Guardians of the Poor

Archival Records
No holdings

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