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Searching for Government Publications

Searching for Philadelphia City Government Publications

You can search for Philadelphia City Government publications in the Free Library's online catalog. The link below will allow you to telnet to the Free Library. Once there, login as flpnet.

City government publications can be found in a few ways:

  • Author search for agency or department
    For all government publications of specific Philadelphia agencies, search for "Philadelphia (pa.) name of agency" (no quotes). For example, to find the publications of the Mayor's Office, search for "Philadelphia (pa.) mayor" (no quotes).
  • Title search
    To find the record of a publication for which you know the title, do a title search.
  • Call number search
    For a list of all of Philadelphia's government publications, search for "gov pub cities p 53" (no quotes).
    For specific publications, for which you know the number, search for "gov pub cities p 53 - **" (no quotes) where ** is the number (or part of the number) of the form.

Search the Free Library's main catalog (telnet application) or:
Search the Free Library's online catalog(Web search)

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Last updated on May 24, 1996.