Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


33.01 - POSTAL NOTICES.  Whenever notice is required or permitted to be given under the provisions of the Charter or these Regulations, it shall be deemed to have been given on the day on which the U. S. Post Office at the place to which the notice is addressed makes regular deliveries next following the day on which such notice has been deposited in the first class U. S. mail at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, postage fully prepaid, addressed to the party to be notified at the last address recorded for such party in the files of the Personnel Department or other Department, Office, Board or Commission giving such notice.
33.02 - OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.  An employee performing "outside work" by working for an employer other than the City, engaging in private or self-employment or rendering service for private interests may do so only in accordance with the following provisions:
33.021 - CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  No employee shall perform outside work which is incompatible with the proper discharge of his official duties.
33.022 - OTHER GOVERNMENTAL POSITIONS.  Except as otherwise provided in the City Charter, no employee shall hold any other office or position of profit in or under the government of the United States, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or of any county, city or other political subdivision thereof.  (C.C. Section 8-301)
33.023 - COMMUNITY RELATIONS.  The outside job must be one that will not bring disfavor or disrespect upon the employee, the department or the City, in accordance with the judgment of the responsible authority of the respective Office, Board or Commission involved.
33.024 - IMPAIRMENT OF EFFICIENCY.  The outside work must not interfere with the employee's effectiveness on his City job.  It must not impede, or adversely affect the performance of his City work and shall not be arduous, strenuous, laborious, dangerous or exhausting.
33.025 - EXTENT OF SUPPLEMENTARY EMPLOYMENT.  Departments may adopt policies or rules as to the number of hours that may be worked by City employees in outside employment.
33.026 - DEPARTMENTAL POLICIES CONCERNING OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.  A department may adopt and enforce within its jurisdiction more detailed policies governing outside employment which may include the requirements, conditions and necessary approval for outside jobs or self-employment.  Such policies must be consistent with these Civil Service Regulations, and be made known to all employees covered.  Failure on the part of the employee to comply with such departmental policies may result in disciplinary or recovery of payment action.
33.027 - APPROVAL OF OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.  An employee who engages in outside work in reliance upon a written determination by the appointing authority or a designee of the appointing authority that such outside work is neither incompatible with the proper discharge of the official duties of the employee nor in a job which will bring disfavor or disrespect upon the employee nor upon the City or one of its Offices, Departments, Boards or Commissions will not be in violation of this Section 33.02 of the Regulations so long as such employee is not notified of a withdrawal of such determination.
33.028 - SICK LEAVE OR INJURY BENEFITS PROHIBITED WHILE WORKING IN OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.  An employee shall not perform outside work while receiving sick leave or injury benefits from the City.
33.029 - INJURY, DISABILITY OR ILLNESS RESULTING FROM OUTSIDE EMPLOYMENT.  An employee who is injured, disabled or becomes ill as a result of his outside employment shall not be given paid sick leave or injury benefits by the City.
33.0210 - PENALTIES.  Utilization of sick leave during outside employment or failure on the part of the employee to immediately report any injury, disability or illness resulting from outside employment shall be considered grounds for dismissal, or other disciplinary action, and for recovery of wages or benefits paid by the City attributable to the outside employment.
33.04 - NON-CIVIL SERVICE LEAVE TIME - NO CREDIT GIVEN.  Persons who enter a position in the City civil service following employment in a position in a quasi-public agency, or any other position outside the City service, shall not be credited with leave time accumulated during employment in their previous position.