Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


28.01 - OFFICE OF LABOR RELATIONS.  An Office of Labor Relations is hereby established consisting of a Director of Labor Relations and any additional staff essential to perform the functions of the office.
28.011 - FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICE OF LABOR RELATIONS.  The functions of the Office of Labor Relations shall be:
28.0111 - To engage on behalf of the City of Philadelphia in collective bargaining negotiations and to enter into agreements concerning wages, hours and working conditions, arbitrations, grievances and all other phases of labor relations with representatives of recognized labor organizations representing Civil Service employees of the City of Philadelphia.
28.0112 - To administer all collective bargaining agreements and arbitration awards between the City and any recognized labor organization representing Civil Service employees of the City.
28.0113 - To advise, consult and discuss with the Mayor and the Labor Relations Advisory Board all matters concerning collective bargaining and arbitration on behalf of the City, as may be appropriate.
28.0114 - To represent the City in all matters arising under the provisions of the Act of June 24, 1968, (Act No. 111) relating to policemen and firemen, and the Act of July 24, 1970, (Act No. 195) and all ordinances and regulations dealing with labor relations, relating to Civil Service employees of the City of Philadelphia.
28.0115 - Any agreement negotiated by the Director of Labor Relations requiring the making of appropriations or the enactment of other legislation shall not become effective unless such agreement is approved by the Mayor and ratified by resolution of City Council.  All such agreements shall be subject to the Regulations of the Commission, the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter and other applicable legislation as they may from time to time exist.
28.012 - DUTY TO MAKE REPORTS.  The Director of the Office of Labor Relations shall submit a written report regarding the activities of that office to the Mayor and Council within ninety (90) days after the close of each fiscal year.