Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


25.01 - ROSTER CARDS.  The Director shall maintain a service or roster card for each employee of the City, whether or not in the Civil Service, showing the name, the class title of the position held, the department, board, or commission to which assigned, the salary or pay, any changes in class title, pay or status, and such other information as he may consider pertinent.
25.02 - CHANGE OF STATUS REPORT.  Every appointment, transfer, promotion, demotion, change of pay rate, and any other temporary or permanent change in status of employees shall be reported to the Director in such manner as he may prescribe.
25.03 - PUBLIC INSPECTION OF RECORDS.  Subject to the provisions of Section 5-1104 of the Charter and other sections of these Regulations, the records of the Director and of the Commission shall be open to public inspection during regular office hours, in the manner and subject to such reasonable limitations as may be prescribed by the Director or Commission.
25.04 - EMPLOYEE IDENTIFICATION.  The employee identification, verification, and documentation processing for the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act shall satisfy the requirements of Section 7-401(i) of the City Charter stipulating the institution of accepted permanent identification methods for all employees in the Civil Service.