Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


23.01 - PERFORMANCE REPORT PROGRAM.  The Director shall establish and administer a program for rating the work performance and attitudes of employees in the Civil Service.  The performance rating shall be designed to permit the evaluation as accurately and fairly as is reasonably possible of each employee's performance of and attitude toward his duties.  The ratings shall be set forth in performance reports on forms provided by the Director.
23.02 - PREPARATION OF PERFORMANCE REPORTS.  Performance reports on an employee shall be prepared by the appointing authority or by a supervisor designated by him.  The method of preparing, rating and distributing performance reports shall be prescribed by the Director.
23.03 - REPORTING PERIODS.  Performance reports shall be prepared and filed as follows:
23.031 - A performance report on each probationary employee must be prepared and filed within ten days following the completion of the second and fifth months of the probationary period.
23.032 - A person who has satisfactorily completed his probationary period shall be presumed to have an initial overall performance rating of Satisfactory.
23.033 - A performance report must be filed for each permanent Civil Service employee at least once in every calendar year within 10 days following the date on which such annual performance ratings are due as determined by the Director.
23.0331 - Employees in classes of positions represented by District Council 47 or in the Non-Represented category who have not received a timely annual performance evaluation, shall be presumed to have had an overall rating of Satisfactory for purposes of determining eligibility for earned step increments and eligibility to compete in examinations.
23.034 - Whenever there is a change in an employee's work performance sufficient to cause a change in his overall rating, a performance report shall be prepared and filed.  Such report may be filed only if the overall rating differs from that of the last performance report on the employee.  Such report may not be filed with the Director earlier than three months following the effective date of the last performance report on the employee.
23.04 - DISTRIBUTION OF REPORTS.  Each employee shall be given a copy of the performance report covering his own work performance and attitudes, and shall be entitled to discuss it with the supervisor who rated him, prior to the report becoming effective.  Copies shall also be filed with the department in which the employee works and the Personnel Department.
23.05 - EFFECTIVE DATE OF PERFORMANCE REPORTS.  Except as otherwise prescribed by the Director, the effective date of annual, probationary, or other performance reports shall be the first of the month following the month in which the performance report is filed with the Office of the Director.
23.06 - REVIEW OR APPEAL OF RATINGS.  An employee who wishes to have reviewed, or to appeal from, his performance report, may take the following steps in the order indicated:
23.061 - An employee, having exhausted all remedies made available to him by the rating procedure prescribed by the Director, may request, in writing, from the appointing authority or a representative designated by the appointing authority for that purpose, a review of his performance rating.  This request must be filed within fifteen (15) days after he has discussed his performance rating with the supervisor who rated him.
23.062 - In the event that, fifteen (15) days following the filing of his request for review of his rating by the appointing authority or his designated representative, an employee's overall performance rating remains with a rating of "Improvement Needed," "Unacceptable" or "Unsatisfactory" he may, within five (5) days thereafter, appeal to the Civil Service Commission.  The notice of appeal filed by the employee with the Civil Service Commission should be accompanied by a copy of the request for review sent to the appointing authority or his designated representative, and by a copy of the action thereon, if any.  The Civil Service Commission, or any Commissioner, shall consider the appeal, and the decision thereon shall be final.  On appeal, the Civil Service Commission or Commissioner will consider only the rater's possible prejudice, his failure to take into consideration facts or factors which should, or his improperly taking into consideration facts or factors which should not, affect a rating.  The Civil Service Commission will not re-rate any part of a performance report, but may order the department to do so.  The appointing authority of the department may designate a new rater and a new reviewing officer.  If the evidence presented at the hearing before the Commission is not taken into consideration in a re-rating the Civil Service Commission shall then have the power to change the rating up to Satisfactory.  Appeals under this sub-section are not available to employees serving a probationary period.
23.07 - EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE REPORT ON DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS.  An overall performance rating of "Unacceptable," "Improvement Needed" or "Unsatisfactory" received by an employee shall not be self-executing to institute a disciplinary action against the employee.  Any disciplinary action must be instituted in accordance with then existing provisions of the City Charter and Civil Service Regulations.
23.08 - PERFORMANCE REPORT REQUIRED BEFORE COMPLETION OF PROBATIONARY PERIOD IN LOWER CLASS WHILE SERVING IN RELATED HIGHER CLASS.  To be considered, in accordance with Section 14.03 of the Regulations, as having successfully completed his probationary period in the lower class while working in the higher class, an employee must have received, immediately before the expiration of said probationary period in the lower class, from the appointing authority having jurisdiction over the higher class, a Satisfactory, Superior or Outstanding performance report in the higher class.