Philadelphia Civil Service Regulations


4.01 -   EXEMPTIONS.  All officers and employees of the City, including all officers and employees of all departments, all independent boards and commissions and all departmental boards and commissions, shall be under civil service except:
4.011 -   All officers elected by the people and their deputies, and employees appointed by the members of Council.
4.012 -   The Managing Director, the Director of Finance and the Director, and their deputies, the heads of departments and their deputies, and members of boards and commissions, but the number of exempt deputies in any department other than the Law Department shall not exceed the number authorized by the Home Rule Charter and approved by the Administrative Board.
4.013 -   Such secretaries and clerks as the Mayor may require and one secretary or clerk for each head of a department, the Director of Finance, the Managing Director, the Director, the City Representative and the City Treasurer, and one principal assistant or executive director for each board or commission.
4.014 -   Persons employed by contract to perform special services for the City, where such contract is certified by the Commission to be for employment which cannot be performed by persons in the civil service.
4.015 -   Persons temporarily appointed or designated to make or conduct a special inquiry, investigation, or examination, or to perform a special service, where such appointment or designation is certified by the Commission to be for employment which because of its expert or unique character could not or should not be performed by persons in the civil service.
4.016 -   Persons who, in times of public emergency, may be appointed special employees for service not to exceed one month in duration.