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The Board of Pensions and Retirement was charged under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter with the creation and maintenance of an actuarially sound Retirement System providing benefits for all City employees. The Ordinance (Bill No. 907) implementing the present Retirement System was formally approved by City Council on December 1956, and the System became operational effective January 1, 1957. The enactment of Bill No. 907 superseded the Act of Assembly approved May 20, 1915, P.L. 566, under which the Pension Fund had previously been governed.

The Board, as defined in the Home Rule Charter, is composed of the Director of Finance, who serves as chairperson, the Managing Director, the City Solicitor, the Personnel Director, the City Controller and four members who are elected by the Civil Service employees of the City Philadelphia. The elected members serve a four-year term of office.

The 9-member Board formally approves all benefit applications, but its major role is that of 'trustee', to ensure that the Retirement System remains actuarially and financially sound for the benefit of current and future benefits recipients. The Board, with the assistance of its professional consultants, develops the policies and strategies which will enable the Board to successfully execute its fiduciary obligations.

The Executive Director, aided by a staff of 75 personnel, administers the day-to-day activities of the Retirement System, providing services to over 64, 000 members.


The Public Employees Retirement System provides benefits to police, fire and civilian workers of the City of Philadelphia through the administration of 18 separate plans adopted from 1915 to the present. In addition, the Board of Pensions administers (but does not fund) a pension plan for the employees of quasi-public agencies (the Philadelphia Parking Authority, the Philadelphia Municipal Authority and the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation.

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