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(215) 685-3480

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If you have any questions regarding your Pension, please send your questions to:


In compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, the Board of Pensions will be conducting all retirement interview appointments via US Mail until further notice.

  • • HR staff from the City’s various departments should email requests for retirement interviews to Stacey.White@Phila.Gov or Michele.Ford@Phila.Gov. Retirement interviews must be requested by an employee’s department. Requests made directly by employees will not receive a response.
  • • Board management will assign these requests to Pension Counselors, who will assemble and mail packets to retiring employees.
  • • Each packet will contain the forms that the retiring employee must complete and note any additional documents that must be submitted to the Board.
  • • The information in each packet will include a telephone number and email address for the retiring employee to contact for assistance in completing the required forms and to answer any questions they may have.
  • • Retiring employees may also choose to scan and email completed forms and documents to the email address shown in their packet.
  • • Upon receipt of the completed packet, the Board will process the new retiree’s pension application and schedule their initial pension payment for the earliest possible pension payroll.

The Board is initially sending retirement packets to employees who had interviews scheduled for the last two weeks of March and will then proceed to send packets to employees who had already been scheduled for appointments in April. New retirement appointment requests will be handled as received based on the employee’s scheduled retirement date.

New pensions cannot be processed unless the separating department has submitted the retiring employee’s report of separation, including their service history record in Oracle OnePhilly.

Finally, please send to Stacey White, at the email address shown above, the names and contact information for your department’s HR staff who will be available during the COVID-19 restriction period. This will provide the Board’s Counseling staff someone to communicate with in the event a question arises in processing an employee’s pension application.

Please Note: The 1 year DROP interest rate from 1-1-21 through 12-31-21 is 0.10%.

Pension Contribution Changes for 2019

Reminder: Effective 2019 you will see an increase in your contributions to the pension fund.  Those increases are an important step in improving the fund’s health.  All members of DC33, DC47, and Deputy Sheriffs, as well as non-represented and exempt employees are subject to the additional pension contributions shown in the tiered chart below. The tiered contribution is based on your annual salary and is in addition to your current deduction.


                Annual Salary Range

            Additional Pension Contribution

$45,000 or less

                             No Change

$45,001 to $55,000

                          Increase of .5%

$55,001 to $75,000

                          Increase of 1.5%

$75,001 to $100,000

                          Increase of 2%

More than $100,000 ($100,001+)

                          Increase of 2.75%


Employees in Plan 16 are subject to a base contribution rate, as well as the tiers, but only pay contributions on their earnings up to the pensionable cap of $65,000:


                Annual Salary Range

            Additional Pension Contribution

$45,000 or less

                             No Change

$45,001 to $55,000

                          Increase of .5%

$55,001 to $65,000 (cap)

                          Increase of 1.5%

Due to annual changes to pension contribution rates effective each July 1, the amount of the pension contributions being deducted from your paycheck may have increased. If you have noticed an increase in your bi-weekly pension contribution amount, it is due to this annual rate change.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted Pennsylvania Act 44 of 2009, also referred to as House Bill (HB) 1828, to address, among other topics, campaign contributions to municipal officials or candidates for municipal office and contracts with municipal pension systems. Some of the new requirements are broader than the City’s Philadelphia Code Chapter 17-1400 and it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with them. The new requirements can be found in Chapter 7-A of Act 44 here. The City will provide further updates as necessary.


Investment Committee & Benefits Meeting Minutes.


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Monthly Flash Fund reports for the current and previous years.


The Board of Pensions and Retirement was charged under the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter with the creation and maintenance of an actuarially sound Retirement System providing benefits


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