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City of Philadelphia

Public Comments

All citizens deserve the right to be heard. The "Public Comment" portion of PAC meeting agenda items occurs at the end of board business and prior to Adjournment.  The following guidelines listed below shall be followed.
  1. In compliance with the Sunshine Act, all Commission hearings are open to the public, except for very restricted executive sessions to discuss strictly delineated matters. The public can be in attendance but must be quiet and orderly during the Commission meeting. Any citizen deemed disruptive may be requested to leave. At the conclusion of the regularly scheduled agenda items, the Commission may open its public meetings to the public for comment and discussion. After Adjournment of board business, the Commission may conduct a "Community Meeting."
  2. No citizen may speak more than once on a given subject unless everyone in attendance has had an opportunity to speak and be heard.
  3. A citizen wishing to place a discussion item on the Commission's Agenda should contact the office of the Commission's Executive Director no later than one week prior to the meeting. Name, address, and topic will be required. Any written materials for the Commission's review should be delivered to the Commission no later than noon, Friday, before the scheduled meeting. The order of testimony of citizens will be established by the submission time of the request of the citizen to the Commission.
  4. The Commission may waive the requirement of prior notice to the Executive Director who, in the opinion of the majority of the Commission, the presentation is directly related to the mission of the Commission and is in the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the Citizens of the City of Philadelphia, In the event the subject matter is new to the Commission, and if the Chair deems that the Commission may not be prepared to discuss the subject in a properly informed manner, the Chair can table the issue until further study.
  5. Each citizen has a total of ten (10) minutes to speak on his/her item. The Commission may, in its discretion, may expand or contract the time to speak. The Commission may also allow or direct the submission of written testimony in lieu of or in conjunction with citizen comments or testimony. Obscene or abusive language will be ruled out of order by the Chair and the offending testimony may be terminated.
  6. All statements must be directed to the Chair or the Chair's designee. Commission members shall not be questioned individually unless such permission is expressly granted by the Chair and only upon the consent of the subject Commissioner.
  7. Concurrent discussion shall not be permitted by Commission members or the citizens.
  8. In the event decorum or good order of the Commission meeting is obstructed or interfered with by attendees, the Chair may, at the Chair?s discretion, adjourn such meeting until such time as good order may be established.

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