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City of Philadelphia

Community Meetings

All citizens deserve the right to be heard. Community Meetings ..... The guidelines listed below shall be followed.
  1. All Public Comment guidelines should be followed
  2. The time period for presentation is reduced to five (5) minutes, anyone citizen may make a presentation, no sound amplification devices shall be used unless medically neccessary.
  3. Staff should set-up a sign-in sheet to include name, e-mail, and organization of any individual wishing to speak.
  4. Staff should complete last minute details and maintain order in the room while the Commission conducts Agenda items. The staff should also maintain order and explain to community members if an executive session occurs.
  5. Staff should take notes of all issues raised at the community meeting.
  6. Staff should be visible on the floor to discourage concurrent discussions in the audience.
  7. Commissioners should be arranged at a single table facing audience with name plates visible.
  8. Commissioners arranging the community meeting, or Commissioners having a particular connection to the community involved, may act as facilitators of the community meeting.
  9. The local police district's community relations officer should always be invited to participate.
  10. Individuals scheduled to address the Commission should be given an order of appearance and those wishing to address the Commission thereafter should line up behind the microphone.
  11. Index cards formatted as question cards should be circulated by the staff to anyone wishing to ask a question of the Commission but uncomfortable with speaking in public.
  12. Organizations in attendance should be encouraged to link to the Commission website. And organizations doing so should inform the Commission so that we may link to their website as well.
  13. Local elected leaders and community representatives should be invited to attend.
  14. Everyone should be thanked for their appearance and input. Anyone supplying their email information should be thanked by the staff via email for their participation. Said e-mail contacts should be maintained as a date bank of contact.

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