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City of Philadelphia

Usage of Recording Devices

Pursuant to the Sunshine Act, The Police Advisory Commission hereby establishes the following rules and regulations governing the use of recording devices at its meetings and panel hearings:
  1. Recording devices include tape recorders, video cameras, television camera, microphones, cameras, cell phones and other similar mechanical /electrical/electronic devices.
  2. All persons desiring to operate a recording device must, prior to commencement of a meeting, provide the following information in writing: 
    - Operator's name and address 
    - A description of the recording device to be used
    - An acknowledgement that the operator using the device is aware of and will abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the policy.
  3. During the meeting, individuals operating recording devices must identify themselves and describe the recording device they are operating when asked to do so by the Commission.
  4. No recording device producing sound distracting to the audience or to the Commission shall be permited.
  5. No artificial light is to be used.
  6. Television equipment and stationary video cameras and microphones shall be positioned only in the location designated by the Commission, which designation shall provide reasonable access to record the proceedings, without distracting or blocking the view of audience members and without being affixed to or occupying spaces on furniture, walls or fixtures in the meeting room.
  7. Movement about the room while a meeting is in progress may be distracting and bothersome to the audience and to the Commission. Persons operating recording devices shall remain in a single location during the meeting and will not be permitted to move about in order to videotape, record, take pictures or otherwise record while a meeting is in progress.
  8. No recording device may be operated while concealed.
  9. No recording device may be operated prior to the meeting being called to order, while a meeting in recess, or after a meeting is adjourned.
  10. No recording device may be used to record private conversations between audience members, officials, or others whose comments or questions mare made privately and not for public consumption.
  11. Recording devices operated in violation of this policy will be confiscated for the duration of the meeting.
  12. Operators of recording devices who violate this policy may be removed from the meeting at which the violation occurred and may be barred from recording meetings occurring ninety (90) days following the violation.

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