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Employees & Officials

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  • For Elected Officials: Campaign Finance
  • For Employees during the Holiday Season
       As a City employee, you are in the public service business.
“Public service” means just that – your job is to serve the public. Regardless of your job or office here – manual labor or a skilled trade, public health or public safety, clerical or professional – you work for the well-being of the City and the people who live, work and visit here. Your pay is funded by taxes and fees collected from the City’s citizens, businesses, and visitors.

The public (which includes you, too, in your nonwork hours) is entitled to have you perform your job with honesty and fairness. You give no person extra favors, and give no person any less service, because of a relationship you might have or because of someone’s political views.

You’re also the public face of City government. When you perform ethically and honestly, the public sees that City government operates ethically and honestly, and only in the public’s best interest.

To ensure this evenhandedness, State and City rules, including those described in Rules of the Road, govern your conduct. Generally, the rules cover the following situations:

  • Gifts, gratuities, and honoraria
  • Invitations
  • Financial conflicts of interest
  • Outside civic or charitable activities
  • Outside employment
  • Political activity
  • Financial disclosure
You must know and follow the rules. If you haven’t yet received ethics training from the independent Ethics Board, contact them at 215-686-9450 or your supervisor. You may also visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about how these rules apply to you as a City employee or official.  

You can also apply the “six o’clock news” test: would you want the news media to report your actions or inaction? If the answer is no, or even “I’m not sure,” then you should refrain from that course of action.