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City of Philadelphia


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Office of the Chief Integrity Officer
City Hall, Room 215
Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you are a City employee, board and commission member,  vendor, or member of the public, the Resources section will provide you with more information about how the ethics and integrity laws apply to you.  

IntegrityWorks for Everyone

Every City official and employee - anyone holding a position that keeps the City running - is a public servant.

Employees & Officials

As a City employee, you’re in the public service business. “Public service” means just that – your job is to serve the public.

Boards & Commissions

No matter what your organization may be called, or whether or not you receive compensation for your service you must act with honesty and fairness, without regard for a relationship you might have or because of someone’s political views.


As we set high standards for ourselves, we also expect the same of people, businesses, and organizations who do business with the City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for Employees & Officials, Boards & Commission Members and Vendors.

The templates included here are for use in particular situations.  Please refer to the applicable Frequently Asked Question before utilizing any of these letters to ensure it is being used appropriately.