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City of Philadelphia


As we set high standards for ourselves, we also expect the same of  the people, businesses, and organizations who do business with the City.
In obtaining goods and services for the City’s operations, or providing financial incentives to developers or other businesses or organizations, the City of Philadelphia operates with only two things in mind:

  • Obtaining the best deal for the City’s taxpayers; and, 
  • Providing a fair and efficient process for individuals, businesses, and other organizations to do business with the City. 
All individuals, companies, and organizations with whom we do business must be fully licensed and current on all applicable City taxes and fees. They must also comply with all applicable ethics rules.

This website offers guidance about these ethics rules to vendors, prospective vendors, and anyone doing or wishing to do business in or with the City. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about how the City's ethics requirements apply to you.

Please email the City’s Chief Integrity Officer with any questions or concerns. If you believe any applicant, vendor or City employee or official is operating unethically with regard to City business, please contact the Chief Integrity Officer immediately.